The Shattered Seal

Session 1 Part 1

The story starts with the party all gathered outside of the Gargled Rock tavern. There are people inside, almost in a Town Hall-like fashion, complaining about the corrupt mayor. During this time, Thael questions Travis on the situation. In the background, a man named Steve yells “Woo!” cheering the party on. The citizens say the mayor has increased taxes unfairly and that he’s possibly embezzling. Travis, the owner of the Gargled Rock, wants us to look into the scheme. Thael rounds up the party.

The party heads to the mayor’s mansion, which is connected to Town Hall. The mayor is away on other business. Sula’mon, Xander Amblecrown, and Thimmerel Xiosnodel climb up to the third floor balcony of the Mayoral Mansion. On the way up, Xander Amblecrown loses his grip on the silk rope and falls, face first, into a pool of unknown substance. Steve can be found in the alleyway touching himself inappropriately. Once at the top, Sula’mon notices Thimmerel Xiosnodel doing some magic, currently outlawed and ruled over by the Crimsons in this land. The two see into the Mayor’s office, then make their way down just as Thael picks the lock on the basement trap door. The four go in as the other two, Voss and Behrtio, keep watch outside of the Town Hall to distract the mayor if he walks up.

During this time, the four adventurers in the Mayor’s Mansion discover the wine cellar, a personal prison of sorts that the mayor has, in which there is a man who claimed to be a merchant who got attacked by the Kingsgrove guards because he had a couple of illicit goods. On the ground floor, some crying can be heard, but nothing can be done about it. On the second floor, more crying is heard. Thael and Xander Amblecrown kick in the door to find the guard captain with his pants down. As those three get into a fight, Sula’mon and Thimmerel Xiosnodel continue to the Mayor’s office on the third floor and begin searching it. Then Sula’mon gets second thoughts and helps out his comrades. The Drow continues on and, by the time he gets to the office, he also gets second thoughts but arrives to the fight just as it ends.

Outside, during this time, Voss has a slight heart attack as the mayor approaches. He begins speaking with the mayor, who seems to be in a bit of a rush. Voss panicks and puts the mayor fast asleep. The guard is suspicious, but Voss and Behrtio manage to talk their way out of trouble.

Back in the interior of the mansion, the four inside manage to explore the mayor’s office to find four chests loaded with gold, a town ledger, four demands of sovereignty from all of the major surrounding nations. Then the mayor wakes up and the party hastily begins climbing out of the mansion, attempting to cover their tracks. They meet up at Thael’s room in the Gargled Rock.

In the room, they discuss all of their findings. The mayor’s schedule has become erratic, the documents call for massive orders of weapons and building plans for armories and walls in the valley pass. Then, the party splits and goes home for the night.

In the morning, guards come to the doors of Sula’mon, Xander Amblecrown, and Thael‘s doors and take them away. The mayor addresses the town in a forum where there is a bit of back and forth between the citizens, the mayor, and Voss. Then, during the meeting, Voss “mysteriously,” receives all of the missing town documents from the messenger that is little Amblecrown. The Mayor concedes, then the guard captain, Voss, and the Mayor all go to the cells to visit Sula’mon, Thael, and Xander Amblecrown to ask them why these “upstanding citizens,” did the deed they did. They all explain what happened with the guard captain who was “having fun,” with the maid sisters. The mayor storms out and goes to the mansion and asks the sisters if it’s the truth. Then, there is a “Show trial,” put on for the people against the guard captain, who is charged with stealing the taxes, jewelry, and attempted rape. He is sentenced to hang.



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