Election Detection Defection

Part II

After the trial, the heroes retire for the evening. In the morn, they get up and have a meeting for a new mayor. The town’s citizens are not used to having a democratic election, but, nonetheless, the party demands it be done this way. The choices for mayor are:
-Mayor Alvoner

Now would be a good time to explain the lay of the diplomacy of the land.

_There are the Sessanids, which is a race of people mostly comprised of Humans and Half-Orcs. They are a totalitarian society. They clash with the Orcs of the north.

There are the Dwarven Remnant, the Mogrethal. They are racists and their form of government is pure oligarchy.

There are the glittering forest Wood Elves, who are carefree. They are likely the least bit of a threat. They trade._

The party decides to begin to dig for ways to rig the election. They focus on Travis, him being the candidate that the party knows the least about, and digging up any dirt on him. They find that Travis trades regularly with the Sessanids. Then, after a long process of deliberation, the party decides to campaign for Voss. Sula’mon ends up rousing the spirits of the drunken men in the Gargled Rock by singing a fantastic song. Ultimately, Voss is elected and becomes the new mayor of Kingsgrove!



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