Bora Bora (The Feast)

Session I Part III

Travis demands that a feast be had to celebrate the new mayor. The entire party goes into the woods.

The party finds a woman who lost her children in the woods. Then, suddenly, there is a circle of 15 Kobolds surrounding a woman. Thimmerel Xiosnodel determines they are enchanted, under some nearly unbreakable spell. The Kobolds come too close to town, and Xander Amblecrown, Voss, and Thael, with the help of the Townspeople, murder all 15 of them and save the children. Thimmerel Xiosnodel still sensed something wrong, but nobody in the party believed him.

The party heads back into the woods and finds three boars. In an amazing display of his huntsman prowess, Thael manages to hit two boars with one arrow! After the hunt, the boars were brought to the inn and slow-roasted. The food was “phenomenal,” and everyone had a great time.



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